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I swear girls never cease to amaze me. Take Jenny Lopes for example. This small tits teen got so curious about the gooey consistency of her boyfriends sperm that she took about two minutes of time away from blowing his cock to play with his spunk.

This hardcore teen sex video from reminds me of a girl I once dated. We got together in college and she was very petite. Most people joked that I was robbing the cradle. One night we were getting hot and heavy. Suddenly she stopped to tell me she was still a virgin. I was like, okay, that is strange and asked her if she wanted me to be her first. She said yes, but… but? but what? She told me she wasn’t just a virgin when it came to fucking. She was a virgin to everything. She hadn’t even seen a real dick before!

Not even a brother in the bathtub? Nope. She didn’t have any siblings. Wow!

I suggested we play the I will show you mine if you show me yours game. We sat down on the bed facing each other with our legs intertwined so our crotches were inches from each other. Looking down at her body I almost asked her for a drivers license. She looked nubile.

My cock was leaking precum by then and she thought it was going to be like water. When it strung out as she pulled her finger away she gasped. Her face looked like she was seeing magic for the first time. She reached down and got some between her fingers to play with. As I sat there she performed a dozen experiments with my goo including the taste test.

That was my cue to push her down and do some taste testing of my own. After a few minutes of licking her tight pussy and verifying her hymen was indeed still intact I swung around so we could sixty-nine. I figured why not break this girl in on several different positions on her first night?

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