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Looking at this girl and noticing how petite her body is, especially her tiny boobs, you have to ask yourself how young she is. Jenny Lopes just turned eighteen and she is more than ready to start modeling nude. Jenny says she always wanted to do something like this, but she had to wait until she was barely legal first. Most girls do a few photo shoots and maybe a video on their first day in the office, not Jenny. She did two masturbation videos, a video with another girl and a boy/girl video with three boys in it!

I guess Jenny really was ready and rearing to go. Jenny says she used to borrow porno mags and videos from the collections of her older brothers. Little did they know they played a part in Jenny’s rise to stardom as a porn star on the Internet. She learned all of her best techniques watching their videos and sucking off their friends.

You can get instant access to every one of the videos Jenny has shot and any new ones she shoots in the future. Members also get access to an entire network of sites. The Internet is a much more beautiful place now that Jenny is around!