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I bet we all have some stories to tell about how we got caught having sex and so forth. Over the years we all get busted in that situation but some are a little more awkward than others. I’m not sure how my girl would react if this happened to me but just for a second imagine your girlfriend catches her step-sister sucking me off, how fucking crazy would that be?

It sure would be something else and if anything how much of a turn-on would it be? my kinky side is telling me it would be so freaking hot, almost as hot as finding more family porn over at and jerking off to as much of it as you can handle.

I think you know what this game is and you also know the best way to play it. How about you drop your jaw a few times and take a look at these Sis Loves Me updates. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you though, you know this is going to be nice and hard and totally hot!