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We live in dangerous times where mankind seem to be looking for any reason, any excuse to have wars. Be that politically motivated, racially, spiritually or just pure economical greed it seems that every day there is news of someone poking at someone else for some reason. So in today’s blog I would like to create awareness of a very sneaky combatant to keep an eye out for.

I have a attached a photo for your referral of the Lesser Spotted Twin Breasted Mattress Thrasher. A very conniving and devious soldier with the sole purpose of enticing you to infiltrate her. Here she is seen on a reconnaissance mission, leopard crawling through the grass armed with a pink dildo, ready for pleasure at a moment’s notice.

She might not seem dangerous at first glance but it is not uncommon for them to commit to your demise with missions lasting many years and eventually leaving with half or more of your accrued wealth.

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