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Voting is a pretty big deal right now. I see it every time I get onto social media and my snail mail is full of campaign flyers. Every one is trying to sway me to cast my vote one way or the other, and everyone agrees that not voting makes a person a piece of crap. Even Weird Al is trying to get people to the polls by bragging about the free sticker he got.

I keep things simple, and have already mailed in my ballot. I did my civic duty and now I am free to focus on more important things, like porn. I continue to cast my vote with my money and which sites I choose to join. Right now, I am showing the industry that I want hot 18+ babes in stunning quality XXX videos. I vote for more sites to offer the sort of exquisite porn experience that I get inside of

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My latest ex was a total freak. She was the type of chick who would send me snap chats and text messages all day long showing off her hot and sexy body and giving me a taste of what I was going to get when I got home from work. Unfortunately I found after going through her phone, that I wasn’t the only dude she was sending these pics and videos to. In fact, I stumbled across some videos which were unfortunate proof that she was giving some of these guys more than just a taste during the day. After kicking her ass to the curb I deleted all of her pics like some kind of chump, I wish I would have thought of uploading them all to GF Leaks and shaming this slut like she deserves.

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I have a confession. My girlfriend and I were at a party one night and we got really drunk. We were having a great time. Lots of dancing and kissing. We were both feeling frisky and enjoying our secret little moments within the crowd. Several times while dancing she would turn around and press her ass up against my cock. She knew she was getting me hard. During one song she reached right down and rubbed on me, not caring that there was a room full of people. I couldn’t wait another minute. I had to have her.

We snuck off to a quiet room and I turned her around and pressed her up against the wall and went straight for it. I was really giving it to her from behind when I noticed a guy walk into the room and start recording. She saw him too and just smiled. It turned her on too when the guy ended up leaking our little sex tape. Watch as many as you want and get 67% off with this discount to GF Leaks.