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amateur couple having outdoor sex

I don’t think I have seen anything quite like before. The site is completely amateur. All of the videos and the photos are uploaded by regular people that enjoy sharing their sexual experiences online. The amateur couples on ZOIG take their lifestyle choices seriously. You will find couples putting ads in the forums for sex. You will find couples with extensive libraries of their amateur porn videos. You will see many couples in each others videos. This is swinging on steroids and all out in the open. Eat your heart out Westboro Baptist Church!

Check out the outdoors uploads section for a nice trip down the amateur porn trail. Lots of couples upload their dogging videos. Women that like to masturbate in public places upload their personal exploits for everybody to see. Guys dress up in their girlfriend’s panties and post the results looking for comments. You’d be surprised how many women out there like a man in panties.

With ZOIG you can let it all hangout!