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When girls close and lock their bedroom door during a sleepover we tend to wonder what is going on inside their room. What is so secretive that they have to lock everybody else out?

Leave it to a girl like Jenny Lopes to spill the beans. When I say “girl like” Jenny I mean she is a slut. And by beans I mean teen titties. Jenny and her friend got to comparing their boobs and no matter how hard Jenny tried she couldn’t produce enough cleavage to win that bout. Don’t get sad, Jenny. You have hundreds of fans, both male and female, that would love to show you just how adorable your little tits are. Nothing to be ashamed of! Really!

I personally love this gallery because of the panties Jenny is wearing. Members get a bunch of nice shots from the front showing her pussy lips pushing hard against that tight fabric. Her friend has a sweet cleft of Venus pussy that sucks her panties in. You get a yin/yang thing going on between the two to them.