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Before the big stomach start showing, and morning sicknesses start prevailing, sex in pregnancy is ever impressive. Naturally, things change later thanks to hormones, which tend to lower libido, especially when delivery month nears. At this time, many think sex is never appropriate; however, on the contrary, there are a lot of health benefits it offers. Let’s look at the most common and weighty ones.

Prepares muscles for delivery

Experts in sexual health explain that orgasm initiates the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, which are very useful during labor and after.

Reduces pee breaks

It is typical of pregnant women to pee more often. This is because the womb presses more on their kidneys. In such a situation, leakages are prone, and this can be inconveniencing. With the strengthening of the pelvic floor due to sex, these muscles can control the urine flow. Meaning, women in this state will have reduced pee breaks. Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., author of “Getting the Sex You Want,” explains this in his writings.

Lowered blood pressure

Naturally, sex tends to lower blood pressure, and from that, many have taken advantage. Some now seek sex dolls love through lifelike sex dolls to get their health in check. Pregnant women will as well, experience low blood pressure after sex though, this often occurs for some limited time. They must keep checking with their doctors to be sure of these.

Better orgasms

Better times to enjoy sex could be when you are pregnant. When all of your nerve endings, clitoris and nipples are super sensitive. At this stage, you can experience your highest levels of orgasm, and they would even last longer. Women who previously has issues with attaining orgasm can now enjoy the peak of it.

Stress reduction

Aside from the pregnancy, as a person, you must sometime worry about your job, finances, and even how your future life will be now that you are about to become a mother. Sex, however, has a way to relieve you from all these. Orgasm helps release oxytocin, which in turn helps reduces your worry levels. You can, therefore, have a sweet sleep after good sex.

Improves connections

Naturally, sex binds. The more sex you have with your partner, the more the two of you connect and form a healthier future. Remember, your baby will need the two of you after it is born. Otherwise, it is for fun, then even the different types ofsex dolls available in the market today would serve the purpose.

Improves self-esteem

Pregnancy, especially for the first time, may disorient you. You will feel not like yourself at certain stages. Sex, however, brings you back the feeling of being yourself. It makes you realize that you are, indeed, existing.


As a woman, do not let a doll take your place and enjoy all these benefits. Pregnancy is a condition that will balance well with proper sexual activities. When you are not sure about this, you must share your doubts with your doctor. The best sex doll can only come in when you no longer feel comfortable about playing sex.

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